All major manufacturers have well-designed programs to reduce cost-in-use, increase efficacy, and address sustainability goals. Loud frustration “signals” from these manufacturers prove that the full value of these programs is lost by the time it gets through the distributor to the customer.


As with customer signals, these manufacturer signals were a call to action for BTL.  In response, we committed to ensuring the maximum values of these programs are passed to customers both through our transparent pricing approach and our compliance tools.


Being the leader in providing logistics and contract administration value, BTL has also “heard” customer signals asking for best practices in inventory management, lean/six-sigma and business intelligence (BI) reporting to be included in our services, enabling them to be more efficient, effective and responsive.  BTL Solutions, through our industry-leading service platforms, are designed to apply these same best practices to obtain the best value and outcomes for our customers.


BTL’s transparent pricing model is brand agnostic, allowing us to work with customers, consultants and all manufacturers to determine the right programs to maximize outcomes such as:

  • Reduced cost-in-use
  • Increased efficacy
  • Improved contract management
  • Expanded use of sustainable products and processes
  • Increased use of M/WBE, disadvantaged or special program suppliers

As parents, taxpayers, and businesspeople, we see these as shared outcomes, not a “zero-sum game” as most of our competitors do.  BTL identifies these goals both at contract initiation and throughout the life of the contract as part of our customer commitment and works to establish Key Success Factors (KSFs or KPIs) that tangibly track and prove outcomes and accountability.