Commercial Industrial

BTL’s customers in the industrial, commercial and hospitality industries face many of the same challenges as those in government and healthcare.  Top among these are: reducing TCO, improving the customer experience and managing constant change.  Working with leading companies in these industries, BTL has developed tailored solutions that incorporate additional best practices to meet their unique circumstances, priorities and market issues.


Our customers view BTL as a partner in creating solutions that have led to strengthening of their competitive advantages and brand images, while directly improving their bottom lines.


Examples of components in BTL best practices in supply chain management:

  • Spend analysis/Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Value Process Mapping
  • Realignment of Business Units
  • Reduction in inventory and financing costs
  • Improved staff working conditions and management relations
  • Reduced P&C insurance costs (premiums and deductibles)
  • Tangible metrics to support “case for change”
  • Improved customer perceptions and on-site experiences