Government Education


BTL’s Government Solution is designed to meet the diverse needs of agencies and political subdivisions.  Customer signals, data analysis and baseline benefits present an accurate picture that often leads to significant insight for customers.  Building a “case for change” with specific components to address these opportunities is how BTL, Purchasing and customers have been able to develop the flexible contracts that increase value, expand oversight and grow as needs/opportunities change.


Traditionally, state and multi-state cooperative buying contracts have focused on:

  • Prices of a limited set of core or market-basket products
  • Salespeople for recommendations and training
  • Distributors to provide data and/or analysis about both opportunities and contract benefits

Often the data and high rates of customer defections (i.e. creating their own contracts) show that opportunities exist for improvement.


Given the advancements in business intelligence (analytics) systems and the increasing importance of oversight and validation of benefits by both customers and purchasing, leading states and buying cooperatives are demanding more in their contracts from vendors.


BTL promotes:

If you believe these are essential components for any government contract, than you believe in BTL.



Resource constraints, lower buying volumes and unique needs, schools of all levels (K-12 and higher Ed) are often faced with using a contract designed for someone else or creating their own.  Neither are “best options”.  Leveraging a well-designed state contract, schools benefit from the oversight, flexibility, low TCO and accountability inherent in the state contract without having to build it themselves from scratch.


Equal to saving money, schools are challenged with ensuring students (and teachers) are present and engaged as much as possible.  While we often accept that our children exchange sicknesses at school, it is no laughing matter and can easily and immediately be significantly reduced.


With a passion and commitment unmatched in the industry, BTL works with school districts to provide the cleanest, safest and lowest Total Cost of Ownership solution to meet their needs.


A solution that is obvious, easy to implement and available immediately.  What more could a Governor, agency head, mayor, school board, taxpayer or parent want?