Customer Signals

The L in BT”L” – doesn’t just stand for “Logistics”…it also stands for “Listening”.  BTL’s customers know the value of listening and they rely on us to make sure we are giving them a complete picture of customer signals/user feedback.


Customers include: management, administrators and users.   BTL responds to all feedback because every type of customer that’s involved with our contract is important; each can send signals about performance and value.


Examples of Customer Signals:

I was asked to do a new RFP, but I’m not sure what they (agency) want that’s different from the existing contract.”

~ Purchasing Agent


“It’s easier for me to just go to the store and buy what I need than to explain to purchasing and get it in an RFP.”

~ Facility Manager


“I absolutely want to see reports on what’s being bought, but that wasn’t an option in the contract and I’ll have to pay for any requests.”

~ Department Head and Budget Analyst


“I’m buying in quantity because I get a discount and that’s my budget.  Storage costs are someone else’s budget.”

~ Facility Manager


“I have a lot of ideas about simplifying and reducing the number of invoices I process, but no one has ever asked me for my input.”

~ A/P Manager


“My vendor’s cleaning staff is always changing and the results show a lack of training.  What can you do to help me address that problem?”

~ Custodial Contract Manager


“I’ve got a lot of changing rules and regulations to comply with.  We do the best we can, but our resources are limited.”

~ Contract Manager