Our Approach

Getting better value in a distributor starts with asking the right questions and making the priorities clear.  Transparent pricing from the manufacturer, compliance, use of industry best practices and measurable proof of achievement are typically the keys that are often not clearly spelled out.  That was until customers switched from the status quo to BTL for their Janitorial/Sanitation products and began demanding more from their vendors and contracts.


Questions customer purchasing, CFOs and CEOs often ask before switching to BTL:

  • Am I utilizing the various programs by manufacturers and consultants designed to reduce costs and improve efficacy?
  • If so, how do I prove it and why isn’t that a report being sent to me by my vendor?
  • Some distributors brag about their gross margins of 43%, 51% and 41%.  How can I prove those margins aren’t the margins on our contract to my CEO, Governor and customers?
  • What are our legal and marketing risks if we can’t show our customers we’re following the best practices as prescribed by manufacturers, consultants and even the CDC?
  • If I’m not asking for and measuring the right things, am I really compliant and can I defend that position with facts?
  • I’ve heard it said that if it’s important, you ask for it.  If you don’t ask for it, it’s not important.  What am I really asking for from my distributor and manufacturers?
  • What will be asked of me that I may have to explain?


Our customers know, successfully implementing “Managed Outcomes” means more than just receiving “value pricing” of products.  It requires a plan, metrics, communication and “buy-in” from all stakeholders.


BTL’s straightforward approach is to:

  • Build a “Case for Change
  • Ensure the right questions are being asked that achieve the “Value Drivers” identified by various stakeholders, including Transparent Pricing
  • Work with customers of all levels to establish the right plan, including Governance (i.e. compliance)
  • Deliver and measure to the plan’s expectations
  • Communicate on an ongoing basis to ensure trust in the plan and execution are maintained


Why this Approach

Two reasons: this is what customers (and stakeholders) want/demand; and it works.  BTL was conceived by people who had created and implemented this approach in response to their own situations in various industries, with great success.  We shared this with customers and manufacturers who praised the approach (and results) and then asked us, “if others won’t do it for us, will you?”


Best Practice Tools

  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Business Rule Compliance Systems and Processes
  • Simplified Invoicing, Payment and “In-line Audit” Systems and Processes
  • Managed Outcomes,” Compliance and Reporting tools