BTL delivers the accountability and ownership of results that customers expect and ask for of their partners!


BTL provides the premier logistics and contract administration services that our customers require to be proactive in responding to various and dynamic Customer, Data and Industry signals.   This leads to better managed outcomes.  Accountability to these managed outcomes keeps our customers confident in both their decisions and our ability to deliver to their expectations.


BTL establishes and supports:

  • A Case for Change, making it easy for customers, purchasing, manufacturers and BTL to identify potential benefits, reduce risk and gain support from all levels of influence.
  • Manufacturer’s Cost-in-Use Programs
  • Transparency and Decoupled Pricing
  • Compliance
    • Value-Driver Compliance – ensuring the value of the contract is achieved by all parties throughout the life of the contract
    • Business Rule Compliance – rules designed by management to improve oversight and facilitate better communication both internal and external to an agency/department
    • Program Compliance – compliance by both vendor and customer to improve outcomes, ensure proper training and provide continuous improvement feedback to customers and vendors/manufacturers
    • Legislative Compliance – framework for managing and measuring compliance and goal achievement – works for all levels of local, state and federal legislation


BTL customers in healthcare, government, education and other industries are already leaders in their fields. They recognize the benefits of a true partnership with BTL as a way to not only save money, but to provide their customers with better value — the real source of leadership and competitive advantage. They appreciate our commitment to them — we appreciate their business.