Managed Outcomes


Value-Drivers are developed to deliver solutions that drive towards measured and managed outcomes.


Value-drivers are defined as those processes, decisions and priorities that improve customer service, reduce cost, and improve transparency and any other key success factors that diverse stakeholders determine or believe are necessary for a contract to be successful.


Examples of Value-Drivers include:


BTL doesn’t define value-drivers for our customers; our role is to help align them with their strategic goals using customer, data and industry signals.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is more than the purchase price. BTL customers’ reduce their costs of order processing, product usage, contract administration and inventory management through the BTL tools and best practices. Beyond just making these available, BTL offers training to customers at all levels ensuring these tools and reports are both effective and easy to use.


Contract Lifecycle Management

Our customers’ know that additional value can be discovered during a contract rather than waiting for a new contract period. Customer signals and BTL’s commitment to customer value often leads to additional significant mid-contract benefits.


Program Support

BTL supports customer, manufacturer, and legislative programs. BTL values these programs because our customers’ value these programs, therefore their outcomes need to be measured. Identifying these as requirements at contract implementation ensures the outcomes are achieved and the risk of cross-communication is eliminated.


The following links provide examples of programs that are in place with our customers. Working with our customers, we develop the right metrics and reporting tools to ensure a complete and accurate reporting of the progress of these programs