Transparent Pricing

BTL promotes transparent pricing for our customers, making us unique in our industry and a better partner.  As consumers we utilize companies that disclose auto-dealer incentives.  This is an easy thing to obtain, we just have to ask.


Rebates and sales incentives are pervasive in manufacturer to distributor relationships. While this may benefit distributors it doesn’t increase customer value or improve outcomes.


BTL customers address this with transparent pricing, ensuring rebates, volume discounts and other incentives are passed through to the customer.


BTL showed us that the best price offered wasn’t the best price possible.

 ~ Hospital Administrator


BTL and leading manufacturers support this important and necessary change because it reduces administrative costs, improves training, and results in lower product and process cost.



  • Inefficiencies or the status quo has forced our competitors to charge 30% or more to remain in business.  Stated margins below this are either inaccurate, incomplete are “loss leaders” made up with higher margins on other products.
  • Our public competitors due disclose their average margins.  BTL’s customers’ due investigate these public financial disclosures.
  • BTL is the only distributor who will commit to tangible customer benefits and a plan on how they will be achieved.


BTL is in the service business, we don’t make money by selling a product at a higher price than we bought it at.  We earn our customers’ loyalty by offering the services they demand and pricing it according to their value.